Will any USB wall adapter work with your lights?

Yes! Our lights use very minimal power and will run off of any USB wall adapter that you have at home or buy and if you don't have one, you can purchase one from our accessories category.

Do your lights run off of batteries as well?

You know it! They can run off of 3AA batteries or USB which makes them perfect for example; if you want to bring them on vacation or use as a center piece somewhere that you cant get a power cord to!

How long will your lights last?

They are all LED lights which on average can last up to 15 years and even after that, the light is not done because you can purchase just the light base from us in the accessories section and keep going for a long time!

How do I clean my light if it gets dirty?

We prefer to use a microfiber cloth or some kind of soft fabric, most fingerprints and smudges can be wiped of dry but you can also remove the acrylic design out of the base and use either water or windex with a soft cloth to remove anything from the surface.

How can I light up multiple lights from the same wall adapter?

 Yes! We carry a micro USB splitter which will allow you to plug in one extra light for each adapter you add. Our lights use very minimal power so connecting multiple lights to one adapter by using the splitter is a great choice if you want to have a whole collection displayed!